This is great news! Our team is selecting up to 3 companies to offer them free Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrades.


Magento 2 has been out there quite some time already, but we are still aware that a lot of companies have not decided to take the leap yet. We are confident we can help them to do so.

Our team has been working with Magento 1 for years, and is becoming more and more accomplished with Magento 2, and we want to share it with your company, and for free!!!

What are the requisites that your company has to have in order to qualify?

  • Your Magento 1 instalation must be at least of version1.6.x CE.
  • Your Magento 1 instalation must not have more than 50,000 SKU.
  • The extensions you have installed on your site should have working versions for M2.
  • You need to have a way to provide us with access to your codebase.

Our team will select up to 3 companies of all the applications, but there are more good news. If your company is not selected, you will still have a 30% discount just for applying.

We will post the selected companies in our NEWS section, along with the progress we make with them.